Stretch Bracelets - adults, kids, flash, casual . . . the same technique applies

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Stacked Stretch bracelets, a great summer look!
  Quick, easy and effective, stretch bracelets are great for all ages and stages. By themselves, stacked up or combined with other stitched projects, these bracelets work a treat.

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Queen Bead loves this combo. A stitched Narrow Bracelet combined with 2 stretch bracelets. Light and easy to wear.
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HOW TO: Using Stretch
1. Thread your beads onto the stretch cord in whatever pattern you like. Take care they don’t fall off the end - a bead clamp is most helpful especially for junior beaders.

2. Check the length. The beads should ideally meet nicely around your wrist without stretching. Add or remove beads as needed and check the length again.

3. Tie the ends together with 4 - 5 granny knots. Tie two, then flip 180 degrees and tie the other two. Pull the stretch cord tight as you do so. Paint the knots with some clear nail varnish to help them set. Trim the ends of the stretch cord approx 2mm away from the knot.

TIP: Tie the knots next to a big holed bead if possible, this will help hide the knot.
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